Board of Directors

President – David Williams
Vice-President – Vacant
Secretary – Jorn Seeman
Treasurer – James Glueck

Board Members:  Dawn Ellis, Marilyn Chalupa, Karen Pierce, Kathleen Maurer, David Roof, Lois Altman, Steve Jobe

The RNO Annual Meeting is held in the fall.

Read the RNO Bylaws here.


Development in Robinwood began in the 1970s. Our neighborhood organization was incorporated on July 10, 1980. You can read the Articles of Incorporation here.

Robinwood is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood.Each year, we hold a neighborhood rummage sale the Saturday after Mother’s Day with great success. From 1982 to 1994, neighborhood volunteers organized an annual Fourth of July Parade – a tradition we revived as part of Muncie’s 150th birthday celebration in 2015. It was so successful it is now an annual event for years to come!

Annual Dues

Your Annual Dues of $30 are used for things like:

  • Snow removal
  • Maintenance of medians
  • Street light at entrance
  • Beautification
  • Communication (newsletter, website, etc

Neighborhood Restrictions, Conditions and Limitations

Because our neighborhood was developed in eight phases, the original Restrictions, Conditions and Limitations were not consistent from one section to the next. In order to promote continuity and help maintain property values in the neighborhood, we worked with an attorney to create one document that will unite the neighborhood. We presented the new document to the general membership at the neighborhood meeting on Thursday, July 30, 2015. You can read the original document for Section IV here. This is the version that has been distributed to residents over the years. The revised and filed document (2/14/2017) is available here. Click here for more information.