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Since money does not grow on trees in the Robinwood Neighborhood, it is important that all residents pay the Annual 2021 RNO Membership Dues of only $30.  The annual dues provide benefits and services that we all use.  They reinforce Community, Service, and Value.


We have a strong tradition of active, dues-paying members who recognize that the $30 annual dues contribution facilitates all manner of community-strengthening activities and initiatives, including maintenance of our community medians and streets, support for community activities such as the 4th of July parade, and other community benefits including the planned “free” library to benefit all our community learners and readers


We are supported as well by all the volunteer hours and energy as provided by our block captains, board members, and executive committee members. Any and all RNO members are welcome to participate and contribute their time and their energy in service to making our neighborhood stronger, more friendly, and yes, more community-oriented. Just recently 2 of our board members were instrumental in getting the City of Muncie to salt some of the worst icy streets in the neighborhood.


So beyond the very significant intangibles of Community and Service that your annual dues support, these resources also support the very tangible value to our respective homes and properties that comes with an active, engaged, and dues-paying membership. This is not surprising. Whether it’s our “RNO Yard of Month” program, or RNO Welcome Kits for our new resident families and households, or our creation and maintenance of community covenants, all of these activities strengthen our property values while also strengthening our community and our neighborhood.

It’s easy to be a pay.  Pay electronically by selecting on-line on web home page or send a check.

To pay dues online select, “Pay Now” button on home page


Make checks payable to:

Robinwood Neighborhood Organization

c/o James L. Glueck

2409 N. Moors Street

Muncie, IN 47304

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