DON’T FORGET. Robinwood Neighborhood is having a Holiday Decoration Competition. Since there are nearly 20 award categories, be creative! Anyone can nominate a yard/home even the owner. After getting the owner’s OK, send the home’s address to by Friday, Dec. 19, 5:00 pm. Winners will be posted on Facebook and on the RNO website before Christmas.

Judges Needed

Would you be like to be a judge? Use same email address as above.

Award Categories for Competition

  1. Christmas tree in the window
  2. Santa Fantasy Land
  3. Best Santa display
  4. Religious display
  5. Reindeer express
  6. Sparkle display
  7. Serene and simple
  8. Elaborate
  9. Most colorful
  10. Kiddy dreamland
  11. Whimsical
  12. Most colorful
  13. Prettiest in single color
  14. Most blowups
  15. Grinch award
  16. Most decorations
  17. Most motion lights

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